Is it safe to hang a flat screen tv over a fireplace. will the heat from the fireplace effect the tv?

Answer as long as it dosent get hot, your fine

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Can you partially close fireplace flue when a fire is burning in fireplace?

You have to, or the fire is going to burn way too hot and not last very long. Depends on the type of wood you use also.

Can fireplace crystals be used in a wood-burning fireplace?

On One Hand: Fireplace Crystals Work With GasAccording to Firecrystals, fireplace crystals are made to "permanently replace the burning of wood or use of fake logs in open vented, natural gas and p... Read More »

How can I (and is it expensive to) DE-convert a gas fireplace into a regular fireplace?

All these answers are pretty accurate. Any gas plumber should be able to disconnect your logs easily and cap off the gas line. Service calls range from $50-$150. A chimney inspection will run about... Read More »

What is the distance between a fireplace mantle&the top of a fireplace?

The standard distance from the mantel to the top of the fireplace will depend on which type of fireplace is being installed--wood burning or electric. Distance between the mantel and the top of the... Read More »