Where can I buy a dell printer?

Answer walmart,compuserve ,walgreens. and the other computer stores look at this website…or call this number they should tell u where u can find the closest lo... Read More »

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Does anyone have a dell printer if so where do you buy your ink is it necessarry to buy only from dell?

Can I use a different brand/make printer with me dell laptop Or does it have to be a dell printer only?

You can use any printer as long as you have the right hook-up and the appropriate driver. You only need to use dell parts if your laptop breaks down and needs replacement parts.XR

Where can I buy ink for a Dell printer?

Right over here. Pricerunner foud a Retailer!…Have fun!

Where is the imaging drum in my Dell printer?

To locate the drum in a Dell printer, first open the front cover of the printer. Push the highlighted button on the right to lift up the drum cover. Be sure to pull the drum out by its handle.Refer... Read More »