Where can I buy a decaffeinated coffee table?

Answer ROFL

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Why does decaffeinated coffee/tea cost more than the coffee/tea with caffeine?

cause of the effort to take the caffeine out of it.

How is Folgers coffee decaffeinated?

Millions look forward to that morning coffee buzz, courtesy of caffeine. But for those who prefer to drink the unleaded version--or should for health reasons--decaffeinated is widely available. How... Read More »

On Seinfeld Kramer wrote a coffee table book that could be turned into a coffee table What was it about?

Is decaffeinated coffee truly caffeine free?

Decaffeinated coffee is coffee that has had most of the caffeine removed from it. Rarely is decaffeinated coffee "caffeine free," and sometimes it can contain relatively high amounts of caffeine.H... Read More »