Where can I buy a chillow pillow?

Answer The chillow pillow was designed to help with hot flashes, headaches and back pain and can also be used for sunburns as cooling comfort. You can purchase your chillow pillow online. There are many s... Read More »

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Where can I buy a chillow?

Using a Chillow means you can stop flipping your pillow, searching for that cool spot. Chillow uses a cooling technology to keep the pillow cool. So where do you buy the Chillow? Chillows can be pu... Read More »

Do you put the pillow under your chin when you're putting the pillow case on?

No, I put the pillows on my knees, extend the opening of the case and slide it over them. The pillows that is, not my knees.

What's the best pillow for me?

Through trial and error. The price of a pillow doesn't necessarily mean it's better - its how you sleep and what your neck and shoulder conditions are that dictates the BEST pillow for you. AFter y... Read More »

How to Have a Cool Pillow?

A nice cold pillow.Everyone likes a cool pillow at night. This eases neck pain and comforts you into a relaxing sleep. Here's how to make a cold pillow and keep one.