Where can I buy a cheap left handed guitar?

Answer i play guitar left handed and it so true that trying to find a lefty can be very difficult no matter the price. if you cannot find a cheap left hand guitar where you live the best thing to do is fi... Read More »

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How to Switch from Right Handed to Left Handed Guitar?

Here is a task which requires immense will power.

Why do most of The Muppets play the guitar left-handed?

So the puppeteers can use their usual hand for actions for the strumming.

How to String a Guitar for a Left Handed Player?

A guitar, for a left handed player, is just the same as that of a right handed player with the only exception being that everything is reversed (mirrored) and that the nut slots are reversed (at th... Read More »

How to Play Guitar Hero Left Handed?

If you are left handed, you might feel more comfortable with playing Guitar Hero by reversing the settings. The buttons will be at the opposite side as compared to playing right handed. Here's how ... Read More »