Where can I buy a cheap large format printer?

Answer If you haven't tried amazon yet, they have some good deals. Here's a link for large format printers…

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What is a large format printer?

Large-format printers are just bigger versions of the ink-jet printers many people use at home. They can handle much larger paper sizes than the standard home printer. Businesses use large-format p... Read More »

How to Lease a Large Format Printer?

Large format printers are important pieces of equipment for many businesses. However, they are also expensive, which means that purchasing them can be difficult in terms of cash flow, particularly ... Read More »

Hewlett Packard Deskjet Printer: I found a large clump of black ink inside printer! Plus, a few other problems?

HP's have done that for years, I'll bet you found it under the cartridge harness ? where the cartridges sit when the printer is not in use, take both cartridges out of the printer, now get a bunch ... Read More »

Cheap to buy/ cheap to run printer for graphic design student?

you want something cheap to buy AND cheap to run AND good quality? so where is the company supposed to make money? They'll either do it on the printer or the ink. Since you buy the ink over and ove... Read More »