Can You Plant a New Tree Where an Old Tree Was Located?

Answer Replacing an old tree can be a challenge. The stump and roots in the ground make planting a new tree difficult, but there are available options. Does this Spark an idea?

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Can I plant a new tree where the old one was?

On One Hand: The Soil is LoosenedYou can plant a tree where an old tree was. The process of removing the old tree loosens the soil, which is an ideal environment for transplanting a new tree. If th... Read More »

Where does an oak tree live?

Oak trees can live 200 or more years. They live in big cities, rural towns and forests all across the United States. Oak trees reach heights of 65 to 85 feet, have a wide spreading crown and flare ... Read More »

Where to find Tea Tree oil in stores?

Many retail establishments such as Whole Foods, some vitamin shops, GNC, etc., most likely carry it. Sometimes, grocery stores will have sections with oils and supplements. Call around and ask to... Read More »

Where can you find a persimmon tree?

Answer There are two great mail order nurseries that I have used and LOVE.... Raintree in Washington and Edible Landscaping in Virginia. Both have a varied selection of plants, trees, etc...includi... Read More »