Where can I buy a Typewriter?

Answer I would try any thrift store; but the problem is that every so often you'd have to purchase typewriter ribbon even for the ninties' models.You can also try eBay. Personally I'd invest in a cheap la... Read More »

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How to Buy a Typewriter?

People don't really use typewriters now that computers and printers are available, but you might want one if you don't want to deal with computers, or if you're just feeling nostalgic.

How to Use a Typewriter?

Here's how to type on a typewriter. Be sure to follow each step.

Do you still have a typewriter?

Yes I have hung onto mine for just the same reason as you. I use it occasionally just to keep it moving but find it is hard work after using the computer.

Why is computer better than typewriter?

1) You can't run programs on a typewriter.2) You can't use the internet on a typewriter.3) There is no spellchecker on a typewriter.4) You couldn't have asked thisstupid question on a typewriter.Oo... Read More »