Where can I buy Music video or movie cameras?

Answer Ritz camera and or best buy

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How many gigabytes in a video Like say a 2 hour movie or a 3 minute music video?

You can figure approximately 4.7 gigabytes for a 2 hour DVD and around 10 megabytes per second for a 3 minute video, on average. There's really too many factors to consider, like full video encodi... Read More »

Suggest me some cameras and lighting techniques for a music video.i need best quality in each frame?

well this is far too vague a question on lighting. It all depends on what the theme/subject of the video is, what kind of feel you want, how you want the subjects to look, etc. etc.send me a messa... Read More »

How to Synchronize Video and Music With Windows Movie Maker?

This tutorial describes the basic techniques for using Windows Movie Maker to synchronize video files of your choosing with a background song in the Windows Operating System. Many videos can be mad... Read More »

How to Use Movie Clip to Make a Music Video for YouTube?

Want to make your own music video for others to see on YouTube? Here's how to do it.