Where can I buy Jet-puffed Marshmallow (Star shape) that ships to Singapore?

Answer Ill buy them and send them to you but i dont know that you can ship things like that

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Where do cruises ships dock in Singapore?

Cruises to Singapore dock in the modern facilities of the Singapore Cruise Center. The center provides several docking areas, Harbourfront and Tanah Merah being the most common spots for major crui... Read More »

A List of Three Star Hotels in Singapore?

The Republic of Singapore welcomes visitors to explore the lively and ethnically diverse island-city state. Visitors to Singapore experience vibrant city life, shopping, and a mix of Asian cultures... Read More »

How to Modify Ships in Star Trek Legacy?

Many places on the internet tell you things that will end up not working, just like modifying ships in Legacy. This is how to really do it!

I want a really awesome scar...If I cut myself in the shape of a star would it leave a star shaped scar?

well..........if you want this scar, you must cut deep, and make sure you can live with it forever! that might hurt for a while, but don't bleed to death! you WILL live! (i hope) lol!