Where can I buy 120GB USB in Canada?

Answer You are much better off buying two 64GB. MUCH cheaper and easier to find.~

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I'm 19. Can I bring beer from Canada(where I am legal) back into the U.S.(where im a minor)?

No you cannot, unfortunatly once you are at the vborder the American rules apply again so you will be a minor in possession of alcohol. Just drink while you are up there and bing what is left of yo... Read More »

How much is 120GB?

120 gigabytes (GB) is approximately 120,000 megabytes (MB). Put in perspective, a normal CD has a capacity of 700 MB. A single-layer DVD disc comes in two capacities, 2.6 GB and 4.7 GB.Source:Shelb... Read More »

How to Put Games on an iPod Classic 120GB?

Games are available for free or for a nominal fee in the iTunes Store, and you can then sync the games to your 120GB iPod Classic. By default, all games automatically sync to your iPod Classic, but... Read More »

How to Install the Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive?

You have an Xbox 360 and Rock Band, and you've been buying either all the DLC (downloadable content - in this case, songs) or all the DLC you like, and you've watched your free space dwindle away, ... Read More »