Where can I buy 120GB USB in Canada?

Answer You are much better off buying two 64GB. MUCH cheaper and easier to find.~

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How much is 120GB?

120 gigabytes (GB) is approximately 120,000 megabytes (MB). Put in perspective, a normal CD has a capacity of 700 MB. A single-layer DVD disc comes in two capacities, 2.6 GB and 4.7 GB.Source:Shelb... Read More »

When does the 120gb hd zune come out?

Who knows... they only have a 32GB one at the moment, so we won't be seeing a 120GB one for several years.

How many songs will a 120GB iPod hold?

Apple's 120GB iPod classic has a capacity of 30,000 songs. Apple assumes the user has loaded all songs in AAC format and that each song has a bit rate of 128KB per second. Specifications vary for s... Read More »

Does iPod classic 120gb come with headphones?

I think you're talking about the shirt Miley Cyrus wears. I cannot tell you (because I don't know), but try looking in teen magizines found in stores. There are usually sections where it has look a... Read More »