Where can 15 year olds volunteer in Edinburgh?

Answer If you are referring to the Seizure medicine, yes. You absolutely must stop taking it. Do not stop taking it without a doctor knowing though. Go see your neurologist. He may be able to put you on s... Read More »

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Where can 14 year olds get a job in sacramento?

You could do babysitting, looking after an elderly person, lawn care, dog walking or pet sitting just to name a few. Also, ask around. Let people know you're looking for a job. Good luck. It's alwa... Read More »

Where do they hire 15 year olds?

Publix... but with times so hard its hard for anyone to get a job.

Where are Jobs for 13 year olds in Arizona?

Absolutely nowhere. It's child labor. You have to be 16 to work anywhere.

Where are places 14 year olds can work at?

Try Local Places that are not large brand name companies. I found a job when I was 14 years old at a local family owned restaraunt. I was making minimum wage but it was a job.