Where at the mall would you find khaki baggy pants?

Answer Tillys, vans stores, sun diego, or Kohl's

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What to wear with khaki pants?

a polo shirt. any color but no neutral colors. or else it will look like a school uniform! hope this helps bye :)

What goes good with khaki pants.?

Any dress-shirt type thing. It could be more casual if you roll up the sleeves and unbutton a few buttons, or even just war a t-shirt under and unbutton it all the way, Like this:http://www.footlux... Read More »

Can you use Clorox bleach on khaki pants?

Do not use Clorox bleach on khaki pants. Regular Clorox bleach is intended for whitening fabrics, not for removing stains or brightening colored materials. Clorox recommends using Clorox 2 Free Sta... Read More »

Can you wear black shoes with khaki pants?

According to Dressing of Organization by Design, wearing black shoes with khaki pants is completely acceptable. However, when doing so they advise that the only color socks appropriate to... Read More »