Where at home would you put your first aid kit ?

Answer Kitchen is the best place... bathrooms are too humid for a kit.As for what to put in it...Tylenol, cold packs, hot packs, gauze (different sizes), medical tape, Benadryl, band aids, saline, tweeze... Read More »

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If you could build your dream home, where would it be What would the setting be like?

A mountain chalet in Switzerland with a blank canvas garden to transform and all that clean pure Alpine air !

What would you do if you found out your home had surveillance cameras all over your home?

whoever put them there.. that is strangeive heard of temporary ones to check on a nanny or caretaker for the elderly or children to make sure theyre arent abusing them or stealing.. but just a plai... Read More »

If you knew chemo would cause you to lose your hair, would you wait for it to fall out or shave it first?

Trust me, radiation first off it no fun but I've manage to kind of turn it around. I got diagnosed with A.L.L on the 5th of Oct and soon afterwards, a tumor in my brain. Here's how I look at it, yo... Read More »

First Moms: If you knew your child would face such emotional distress surrounding adoption would you?

Good question although sorry you have had those thinking they can answer for natural parents stick their noses in with unwarranted opinions (and ignorant ones at that!)For me, I never knew adoption... Read More »