Where are"My Favorites"stored in Firefox?

Answer Firefox bookmarks are stored in your application data folder in Windows 2000 and later. To browse the folder, open the "Run" dialog box then type "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\" in it. Browse to the "Firefox"... Read More »

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Where is the 'tools' button in Firefox?

Hi.Its not a button. It's a drop down menu. It's between Bookmarks and Help on the very top of your screen. If you still can't find it you can press the Alt key, followed by the 'T' key, and the To... Read More »

Where do I find keystroke encryption for Firefox?

KeyScrambler Personal by QFX Software is a Firefox add-on that encrypts your keystrokes to protect your information from keyloggers. The Firefox master password, URL and search bar, login ... Read More »

Where is the HTML file located in Firefox?

An HTML file is the page itself... it contains html format code for font sizes, image locations and such as well as the text of the page itself. Any time you load a page, it's the first thing your ... Read More »

Where is the tif file stored in Mozilla Firefox?

The locations of stored files in Mozilla Firefox may differ based on profiles, operating system and installation version. To reliably find .tif file locations stored in Mozilla Firefox (or any oth... Read More »