Where are zebra mussels originally from?

Answer Zebra mussels, scientifically known as Dreissena polymorpha, originated in Eastern Europe, according to the Gulf of Maine Aquarium. They then spread to the Great Lakes area, probably by clinging to... Read More »

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Where do zebra mussels come from?

Zebra mussels are originally native to Eastern Europe. In 1988 they were discovered in the Great Salt Lakes. Since then, they have existed as a major pest, disrupting the ecosystem in the Great Lak... Read More »

Where are zebra mussels located?

Native to freshwater rivers and lakes in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, zebra mussels are also located in Great Lake regions, Hudson River on the Atlantic slope and the Mississippi, Tennessee, Cu... Read More »

Are zebra mussels edible?

Zebra mussels are edible, but they are too small to provide much meat and they can accumulate pollutants, so they are not recommended as food for humans. If you still wish to consume them, you shou... Read More »

Zebra Mussels Habitat?

Zebra mussels are a small, freshwater shellfish. They have become an invasive species in several regions, including North America, Spain, Italy and Sweden because they can take over an ecosystem an... Read More »