Since Wal-Mart is now selling caskets, can I be looking for them to start selling stripper poles?

Answer in case anyone hasnt yet, im gonna make a logical jump here and ask if you put those two things together because you use a casket in your striptease (?). it is Halloween after all -my favorite ho... Read More »

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Mama mia! A car almost hit me?

What does mama do with her money?

How to Win a Yo Mama Battle?

Have you ever got caught in a street fight. After a while, if nothing happens, someone talks about yo mama. Then you're stuck with noting to say. Well, don't be stuck again!

What lip gloss does lil mama use?

the lip gloss her mother gives her in the car is kimora lee simmons goddess lip gloss.....u can go to the babyphat website and buy it.....jus go to KLS collection....or go to this website...http://... Read More »