Where are these fans located in a computer?

Answer Dell Inspiron 1525,its a notebook computer right?For laptops threre usually would be two fans for a laptop, 1)Processor Fan.2)Graphics card Fan.The main air went hole will be for processor and ther... Read More »

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How to Re Use the Electric Motor in Muffin Fans (Computer Cooling Fans)?

Computer cooling fans also known as muffin fans have very nice brushless motors that can be used for other applications, for example to make a simple centrifuge. In this wikihow, a simple way to re... Read More »

Is it Bad if my Computer has no Fans at all?

I think it's better to have extra fans, because you'd rather not have your computer overheat, let me tell you. It'll shut down at random times, in the middle of stuff and not power up for awhile. A... Read More »

Do computer fans blow in or out?

usually there are two: one in front sucking, the one in back by the power supply is blowing out.

How to Add Cooling Fans to a Computer?

Modern-day computers are able to process hundreds of commands a second and perform multiple tasks at once. Computers are also becoming smaller and more efficient. This tradeoff comes at a price, th... Read More »