Where are the world's oldest fossils located?

Answer The world's oldest fossils are cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae found in rocks from the early Archaean Era in western Australia. The rocks date back to 3.5 billion years ago. Shark Bay in western... Read More »

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Where are the oldest eukaryotic fossils from?

The oldest eukaryote fossil, dated at 2.1 billion years old, was found in Marquette, Michigan. These fossils were of multicellular, intermediate forms of the algae Grypania and Giardia. These are t... Read More »

Where have the oldest hominid fossils been found?

The Middle Awash project, a team of 70 scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, and other institutions, announced in 2009 they had discovered the world's oldest hominid skeleton in... Read More »

Where are most fossils located?

The most common location to find fossils is in sedimentary rock. These range from shells to teeth and bone fragments. The imprints of plants and past footprints have also been left behind. Scientis... Read More »

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