Guys why do think women wearing red colored dress look most attractive ?

Answer Now this is acctually scientifically proven (not other people guesses) it is because when a man sees the colour red on a woman their mind accosiates the red and the woman as that means that she is ... Read More »

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Why is it that most men and women find a woman with a sharp chin more attractive?

I agree! Some thick women have better jaw lines and high cheek bones then some skinnier girls! Like I am pretty slender,but I have a chubby face! And I think it is just genetics :( But guys prefer ... Read More »

Will fat women admit: fat women attack women that are fit,show skin and wear short skirts and are attractive?

Where is the most attractive place for tattoos?

Surprisingly I get more compliments on my less visible tattoos than my visible ones like the one on my back its small but you can only see it if I wear a tank top, but I think the most attractive ... Read More »

How to Be Attractive to Women?

Hot or what?It seems like a lot of men have the misconception that getting women means having freakishly huge muscles, a lot of confidence, a cool car and being a jerk. On the contrary, none of tho... Read More »