Where are the seminal receptacles located in earthworms?

Answer The seminal receptacles of an earthworm are located just adjacent to the esophagus and laterally to the heart in the upper segment of the earthworm's body, between the ventral nerve cord and crop.S... Read More »

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Where are earthworms located?

Earthworms live in multiple levels of temperate and tropical soils around the world. They are classified into three groups that have different burrowing and feeding habits. Epigeic species live aro... Read More »

Can pre-seminal fluid spread HIV?

I would say that the chances of spreading the virus this way are low, but that the possibility most certainly exists if the fluid can somehow come in contact with another's bloodstream.

How many receptacles are on a 15-amp circuit?

The maximum amount of receptacles you can have on a 15-amp circuit that run continuously is 10. You should have no more than 1,440 watts. Most house holds are rated for 15-amps.References:Electrici... Read More »

How to Install Baseboard Receptacles?

The best way to install receptacles is at the normal height (18 inches to the top of the receptacle box) on the wall above the baseboard, nailed or screwed to the vertical stud. However, if this is... Read More »