Where are the ovaries located in the body?

Answer Ovaries, which are a part of the woman's reproductive system, are located within the pelvic area of a woman's body, on either side of the uterus. Their main functions are to release eggs and to pro... Read More »

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What is the function of ovaries of flowers?

The ovaries of a flower serve as a protective home for the seeds as they develop. The ovary becomes fertilized and becomes bigger, forming either a single fruit or a group clustered together.Source... Read More »

Does spaying remove ovaries?

Spaying is an ovariohysterectomy, which means both ovaries and the uterus are surgically removed. This makes the animal unable to produce any offspring. Pets that are routinely spayed include cats,... Read More »

How are ovaries different from testes?

Ovaries are different from testes because ovaries produce eggs while the testes produce sperm.

Why are my ovaries and vagina going crazy!!?

it's normal to be scared, but that doesn't mean you can go without treatment! if you have pelvic inflammatory disease or any std, treatment now will be better than being sterile later. playtime's o... Read More »