Where are the notes on a violin?

Answer The notes on a violin are located along the neck. There are four strings named G, D, A, and E and each of the four fingers of a musician's left hand are placed on a different string. Sound is made ... Read More »

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How to Transpose Piano Notes to Violin Notes?

Want to stretch yourself musically? Ever heard a great piano piece and think, "If only I could play that on my violin?" Turn that piece into a more easily read violin piece in these simple steps.

How many notes can a violin play?

A four-string violin can play 21 standard notes along the seven-note scale of A-B-C-D-E-F-G. Each note along the scale is capable of being played as a natural, sharp or flat and as a low, middle or... Read More »

How to Read Violin Notes?

The violin is a member of the string family that can produce a wide variety of notes and tones. Some violinists learn simply "by ear," meaning that they listen to sounds and songs and imitate them ... Read More »

Does Celtic music have a first violin part and second violin part?

According to Fiddling Around the World, traditional Celtic music does not typically have first and second violin parts. Usually, a Celtic music ensemble will be small and consist of only one fiddl... Read More »