Where are the most abundant amount of diamonds found?

Answer Most of the world's diamonds are located in South Africa. Notable diamond deposits are found in Namibia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Angola and Sierra Leone. India, Siberi... Read More »

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What amount of diamonds come from Africa each year?

Africa produces $6 billion in diamonds each year. The value of diamonds is about $160 per carat. Approximately 37.5 million carats of diamonds are exported from Africa every year.References:Interna... Read More »

Where are the largest diamonds found?

Although Russia is the world's top diamond-producing country, the largest diamonds are generally found in South Africa. Of the 10 largest diamonds in the world, seven were mined in South Africa and... Read More »

Where are conflict diamonds found?

According to the World Diamond Council, conflict diamonds are found mainly in central and western Africa. Sometimes called "blood diamonds," the term comes from forcible mining in war-torn areas su... Read More »

Where are diamonds found in Africa?

Diamond mining activities in Africa are focused in South Central Africa and in Western Africa. Kimberlite mines located in South Africa, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Tanzania, L... Read More »