Where are the honest and trustworthy ladies here in vegas?

Answer We are all married to the lucky guys who wooed us!Actually, most women meet their mates at work! Most of my married friends met that way. I have lived in Vegas all of my life and the guys I dated I... Read More »

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Ladies,be honest..........?

well i have had one that was4.5" and one that was 8.5" and a few 6" in there too....I must say I prefer the 6" but I also like girth more than length....and they better know how to use it :PLMAO@Me... Read More »

Mummies - be totally honest here...?

LOL...Probably not, unless she looked like she was on her way to work at a show in Vegas. Was she sporting an evening look in the daytime? It's funny the things that we notice about other moms. I g... Read More »

Ladies, be honest. Do you like wearing low cut shirts and blowses, so you can get noticed?

You can't tame my puppies, sorry. DD's have a habit of bursting out of things even if I don't want them to, lol.

Who here smashed my guitar! Be Honest, i have a prize for you?

Weren't you here last month asking about buying a spy camera? I guess you finally got one if you caught me smashing your guitar. It was a crappy guitar and your playing kept me up all night so, y... Read More »