How to Play Warriors?

Answer Have you read the Warriors series? If you have, you probably want to know what it was really like. The best way to do this is to role-play your own warrior cats. Read on to find out more.

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Where was sonny in once were warriors?

In the book "Once were warriors" there were 6 children. However in the movie they only had 5 children, another son named Abe was ommited. I am assuming Abe went on to be the main character Sonny in... Read More »

List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Light Warriors?

Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards are a Japanese collectible card game developed by Konami, a Japanese corporation. The card game is based on the fictional game of duel monsters, in which players compete in a... Read More »

Where were the Terracotta warriors found?

The Terracotta Warriors, also known as the Terracotta Army, were discovered in 1974 in Xi'an, in China. The warriors were guarding the tomb of the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang Di, who live... Read More »

The History of the Terracotta Warriors?

The terracotta warriors are a wonderful piece of Chinese history and rather awesome when taken in perspective. About 8,000 terracotta warriors were buried in front of the Emperor Qinshihuang's tom... Read More »