Where are the cookies located in a computer?

Answer Your computer places cookies in temporary folders within the Internet browser you are using. View cookies in Internet Explorer by clicking on "Tools" at the top of your screen and then clicking on ... Read More »

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Where are cookies stored on the computer?

Internet cookies--files or parts of files shared between an Internet user's computer and website servers for various reasons including identification, authentication and tracking purposes--are non-... Read More »

Where are cookies found on the computer?

Cookies on the computer are used by websites to determine information about visitors. Cookies can be found in advertisements and on shopping sites. Depending on your Internet browser, cookies can b... Read More »

Where are cookies stored on my Vista computer?

Cookies are stored in Windows Vista in the "Cookies" folder, which is located under your home folder (the folder under "Users" named after your Windows user name. The full path to the folder is "C:... Read More »

Where is the RAM located in your computer?

After opening a computer, the most obvious feature is a single, very large circuit-board running the full length of the case. This is the motherboard and all other devices are attached to it in som... Read More »