Where are the contacts from outlook saved?

Answer According to Microsoft, Outlook information is stored in a PST file that you can find by right-clicking "Outlook Today" in the "Folder List" and then clicking "Properties" and then "Advanced." The ... Read More »

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Will my Outlook contacts work in Outlook Express?

Contacts from Microsoft Outlook can work in Microsoft Outlook Express. In order for them to work, there is a process that involves exporting the clients from Outlook and then importing them into O... Read More »

Are contacts saved on your cell phone battery?

Contacts are not saved on a cell phone battery. They may be saved on a SIM card, which is typically located just behind the battery. SIM cards are necessary to the operation of certain cell phones ... Read More »

Where are Outlook Express files saved?

Microsoft Outlook Express stores email files with the extension .dbx and address books with the .wab extension as hidden files under the directory C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE%\Local Sett... Read More »

Where are Outlook Express messages saved?

All Outlook Express information, including messages, contacts and calendar entries are stored within its proprietary PST file format. To locate the path of such files, right-click a personal folder... Read More »