Where are the cadillac funeral home vehicles built?

Answer Federal Coach has been building Cadillac funeral coaches at their manufacturing plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas since 1989. The 550,000-square-foot plant is where all vehicles are fully built from st... Read More »

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Who built the first Cadillac?

The first Cadillac automobile was built by Henry M. Leland. It was completed on October 17, 1902. The Cadillac made its debut at the New York auto show in January of 1903.Source:We Love Cadillacs

What do you call a home-built (built up) computer?

Basically it is a computer that you build yourself by purchasing all of the parts from various vendors. Take all of these parts and put them into a case, load up the OS and you are finished. Quit... Read More »

Which Cadillac Models Had the Spare Tire Built Into the Trunk Hood?

The unique style of Cadillacs in the 1980s featuring a spare tire built into the trunk hood have gone by several names including slantbacks, trunkbacks,humpacked, and truncated. However the officia... Read More »

What happens in a funeral home?

Funeral homes provide a variety of services to people who must contend with the details surrounding the final disposition of a human body. A key development that made using funeral homes possible w... Read More »