Hotels Near Buffalo Bills Stadium?

Answer Ralph Wilson Stadium, the legendary home of the Buffalo Bills football team attracts thousands of rabid football fans every year. The stadium lies 10 miles south of Buffalo in Orchard Park. Fans fr... Read More »

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Do buffalo wings come from buffalo?

They come from chickens.They were invented at the Anchor Bar on Main Street, near the corner of North Street, Buffalo, on October 3, 1964.Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of the Anchor Bar with her hus... Read More »

What is the name of the white buffalo born at Buffalo Crossing?

A white buffalo calf was born at Buffalo Crossing, Shelbyville, Kentucky in June of 2005. She was named "Cante Pejute," which is Lakota for "Medicine Heart," in a ceremony led by Steve McCullough.S... Read More »

Where is the date on the Buffalo Nickel?

The date on a Buffalo Nickel is located on the obverse side near the Indian head. It appears on the Indian chief's shoulder on the lower left edge. The date on Buffalo Nickels is raised, which make... Read More »

Where can I get shark fin soup in Buffalo NY?

Hopefully nowhere. Fining sharks is cruel, wasteful and is illegal in most countries.