Where are the best cigars made?

Answer NOW, It is the Dominican Republic. There is a company that stole seeds from some Cuban tobacco growers and are growing the same crop in the D.R. Which is a much better environment in which to grow ... Read More »

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Where can you but cigars in perth?

Pretty much any newsagent/tobacconist, but there are specialist shops in both Perth City & Subiaco

Where can I buy Prime time cigars in san Mateo, ca?

Where did giving out cigars at a childs birth come from?

It started as an old world tradition to show thanks for those who were there or for close family friends.

Where did giving out cigars at a child's birth come from?

answer for cigars and births well... now at day's it's more common for Dad's to participate in the Birthroom, or even in the OR during a C-section at the hospital , but back in the days dad's use t... Read More »