Where are the Van Allen Belts located?

Answer The Van Allen Belts, doughnut-shaped areas containing high-energy charged particles, consist of an outer belt and an inner belt. The outer belt is approximately 12,000 miles above the equator, dipp... Read More »

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Where are Allen bike racks made?

Allen Racks are made in the United States, in the state of Massachusetts. Allen Racks are based on the racks of R.A. Allen. Beginning in 1967, he manufactured the racks out of his garage in Lincoln... Read More »

Where did Kris Allen audition for American idol?

Where can you find info on older Ethan Allen tables?

How to get info on vintage EA pieces... Call the company headquarters in Danbury: 203-743-8500 and press "0" to speak to an operator. The design staff archives older catalogs dating back twenty o... Read More »

Is it popular to have belts a bit Tighter than 'fitting' where you are?

It depends. If I'm wearing a pair of pants that are a bit loose, I tighten my belt a lot more than usual and I don't like it to be seen. However if it fits nicely, I don't mind it bein seen, or I m... Read More »