Where are the Pocono Mountains located?

Answer The Pocono Mountains cover a 2,400-square-mile area in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania that includes Carbon, Wayne, Monroe and Pike counties. The mountains are divided into the Upper Delawa... Read More »

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Where are the pontic mountains located?

The Pontic Mountains are located in northern Turkey, along the southern coast of the Black Sea. The western end of the Pontic mountain range begins near the city of Sivas and the eastern end extend... Read More »

Where are the white mountains located in arizona?

The White Mountains are located in northeastern Arizona, near the New Mexico border. The White Mountain Apache Tribe and the 13th century Casa Malpais Ruins lie within the White Mountain area. The ... Read More »

Where are the Sierra Nevada mountains located?

The Sierra Nevada mountains stretch almost 400 miles from East California to West Nevada. The range is up to 80 miles wide in some places. The highest peak is mount Whitney, which stands at 14,495 ... Read More »

Where are the sierra madre mountains located?

The Sierra Madre Mountains are a chain of three mountain ranges that span western Mexico from northwest to southeast, parallel to the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. The summits of the Si... Read More »