Where are the Food traps on a dishwasher?

Answer You paid an annual percentage rate of approximately 57.4%. Working through the math, the dishwasher was $250 if bought outright. You paid $20 at the time so you were financing $230 ($250 - $20) an... Read More »

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How to Clean a GE Dishwasher Food Filter?

The food filter on a GE dishwasher should be cleaned once a month to ensure proper operation. Many smaller particles wash out in the drain but larger items are trapped in the food filter. The food ... Read More »

Can you leave food on plates in the dishwasher?

The reason for these spots is because of hard water. Hard minerals found in most water when heated in the dishwasher dries with a white/film like residue. There is a new product out called the dish... Read More »

Would a plastic item that melted in your dishwasher spread harmful toxins throughout the dishwasher making everything in the dishwasher unsafe to use again?

Melting plasticNo harmful toxins, but probably a bad taste. It wouldn't hurt to run the load again. Well I do not agree entirely, depending how bad the plastic was melted and what KIND of plastic i... Read More »

How do you stop food particles from collecting on glasses in your dishwasher?

Most RESIDENTIAL dishwashers sold in the United are 120 VAC.