Where are the Direct TV satellite dishes located?

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Would like to find 6 used direct tv satellite dishes 18 inch with mounting hardware for art project?

Is it legal to have direct TV satellite dishes on two different homes and multiple receivers at each home but have them all billed to one account?

You are out of luck. Both Directt and Dish 's remote control have a very limited amount of programmable codes for "off-brands" of TVs. Especially those that are TV/DVD combos. You best bet is to bu... Read More »

Where is the DirecTV satellite located?

DirecTV owns and operates 11 satellites, all rotating the earth in geosynchronous orbit in the western Hemisphere. Communications satellites like DirecTV's are positioned 8,000km to 20,000km above... Read More »

Where is the video card located in a Toshiba Satellite?

The video card, also called the video board, in a Toshiba Satellite is located to the right of the hard drive. To access the video card, the laptop has to be disassembled.References:Iris Vista: How... Read More »