Where are some places you DO NOT want to work at?

Answer Burger King - I worked there and hated it.The Home Depot - I worked really hard, ate alot of crap and was underpaid. I am afraid that if I ever lose my current job I will have to go back to the ora... Read More »

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Where Are Some Places People With an Accounting Degree Can Work?

The accounting profession contains a variety of jobs where people spend their time reviewing financial figures and crunching numbers. Accountants play a vital role in business and government, from ... Read More »

I am a retired official. i want to do some work on online and earn. how & where tofine work?

about online the qst has been answered in detail by one of the collegues,but it seems icici is hiring retired professionals just visit their site and see if u can get more info.

Where are some good happy hour places for a group of 10 in Uptown Dallas I work on McKinnney and Pearl Thanks?

How can a teenager care for a baby and attend high school and work without the help of her parents if she has the help of her adult partner and where are some places they can stay in Maryland?

Answer Depending on the grade and amount of credits some high schools offer mentorship programs that allow a student to attend part of the day and work the rest of the school day. Financial help fr... Read More »