Where are seiko watches made?

Answer Seiko watches are made and manufactured in Japan. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1851 and has remained there ever since. Most Seiko watch models will have the phrase "Made in Japan" engraved i... Read More »

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What is the difference between seiko kinetic&seiko automatic watches?

Seiko became well known through the manufacture of high quality, durable, and reliable automatic watch movements. In the 1980s, Seiko developed an automatic charging system for its electronic quart... Read More »

In what year was the first Seiko kinetic watch made?

Seiko introduced its first kinetic watch prototype in 1986 at the Basel Fair. In 1988, Seiko started manufacturing kinetic watches for distribution, and by 2007 they had sold more than 8 million ki... Read More »

Where are Casio watches made?

Casio watches or timepieces are made at four manufacturing plants in the Far East. They are Yamagata Casio in Japan; Casio Electronic (Shenzhen) Guandu Factory and Casio Electronic Technology (Zhon... Read More »

Where are stauer watches made?

Stauer is a company that provides products as diverse as lamps and jewelry. According to comments on, its mens watch line is produced in China. Upon calling the company, you will be told... Read More »