Where are seeds located on a carrot?

Answer According to the World Carrot Museum, carrot seeds are not found in the part of the carrot we eat. Carrot seeds are found in carrot flowers, which bloom at the top of a tall stem, forming tiny blac... Read More »

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Where are the seeds on a carrot?

The flowering heads of the carrot branches, called "umbels," produce carrot seeds. The first and largest umbel to flower, the primary umbel, produces heavier, higher quality seeds, with a faster ge... Read More »

Where is starch located in a carrot root?

wouldn't it be in the green parts (leaves) cos that is where chlorophyly is and that what you need for a plant to photosynthesise and starch is present if the plant has photosynthesised.

Where are the seeds located on lettuce?

Lettuce plants produce flowers that turn into seedstalks once the air temperature is above 80 degrees F. Collect seeds from the seedstalks and dry them thoroughly in an open environment. Store the ... Read More »

Where are raspberry seeds located on the fruit?

Being a bramble fruit, a raspberry is not a true berry but is actually an aggregate of many smaller fruits, or drupelets. The raspberry's seeds reside within the drupelets, each of which consists o... Read More »