Where are screen saver files stored?

Answer To find screen savers on a Vista system, click the "Start" button. Select "Control Panel," double click on "Personalization," then from the list chose "Screen Saver." To change your screen saver, f... Read More »

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Where are screen saver files located?

Windows screensaver files are located on the "C" drive in the "Windows" folder. To be more specific, all the screensaver files are located in the "System 32" folder, which is in the "Windows" folde... Read More »


I believe that this site will explain it for you.

Does a screen saver really save a screen?

There are 3 kinds of monitor, CRT, Plasma and LCD. CRT and Plasma have flying electrons which impinge on phosphors on the inside which causes the phosphor to glow. In any CRT, there are three dots ... Read More »

Do I need a screen saver?

No they don't need a screensaver in the conventional senseThey do however need a break every now and then as they heat up and prolonged use can cause the lower regions of the screen usually bottom ... Read More »