Where are rhinos found?

Answer Black rhinos and white rhinos roam the floodplains and grasslands of eastern and southern Africa. Indian rhinos live in the rain forests and swamps of northern India and southern Nepal. Javan rhino... Read More »

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Where are white rhinos found?

The white rhinoceros, or Ceratotherum simum, is native to the long- and short-grass savannas of Africa, where some 17,500 survive. Of the white rhinos' two subspecies, the Southern white rhino is t... Read More »

Where do rhinos migrate?

Like many animals that live in African grasslands, rhinos migrate to drink water and eat--or graze on--food. Rather than migrating the way birds do (from definite place to place), rhinos migrate i... Read More »

Where do rhinos migrate&breed?

The rhino (short for rhinoceros) is a massive hoofed mammal with large one or two horns of congealed hair on its snout. Native to Africa, India and South East Asia, the rhino migrates from one feed... Read More »

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