Where are radar detectors banned?

Answer As of 2010, only the state of Virginia and Washington D.C. ban radar detectors. However, you may not use a radar detector on any military base in the United States, nor may any commercial vehicle w... Read More »

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How accurate are radar detectors?

Radar guns, especially ones that use a laser, are thought to be as accurate as 1/10 miles per hour within 300 meters. However, factors such as weather conditions and aiming can change the effective... Read More »

Who invented radar detectors?

Dale Smith invented the first radar detector in the early 1970s due to a nationwide speed limit reduction initiated by the Arab Oil Embargo. The first radar detector was called the Fuzzbuster.Refer... Read More »

Are radar detectors detectable?

Radar detectors, used by motorists to detect the radar speed checking devices used by law enforcement agencies, can themselves be detected. These radar detector detectors are used in countries wher... Read More »

The History of Radar Detectors?

Radar detectors were created to give drivers a warning when police in the area were using radar technology to catch speeders. This early warning provided drivers with the opportunity to slow down, ... Read More »