Where are proteins found in a cell?

Answer Proteins exist in my places in all types of cells. Proteins function to help maintain cell integrity by embedding in the cell membrane. Proteins stick out of the cell membrane and serve as receptor... Read More »

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Where are proteins assembled in a cell?

Ribosomes located on the rough endoplasmic reticulum, translate the messenger RNA code from the nucleus into proteins during protein synthesis. The rough endoplasmic reticulum is a folded membrane ... Read More »

Where are proteins made inside a cell?

Cellular organelles called ribosomes are responsible for the production of proteins in a cell. Ribosomes are not restricted to a particular area as some other organelles are, although they can gene... Read More »

Where is a stem cell found?

A few different types of stem cells exist, according to Amniotic fluid stem cells are found in the fluid that surrounds a developing baby in a woman's uterus. Adult stem cells are f... Read More »

Where are chromosomes found in a cell?

There are many components of a single cell, and it is surrounded and protected by a cellular membrane. This membrane houses different parts of a cell, which work around a center, called a nucleus. ... Read More »