Where are places you can work at 14?

Answer I had some friends last year who worked at Subway when they were only 14. I live in San Diego, and am 15 now. It may only be a local thing, but I would try there.

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Where are some places you DO NOT want to work at?

Burger King - I worked there and hated it.The Home Depot - I worked really hard, ate alot of crap and was underpaid. I am afraid that if I ever lose my current job I will have to go back to the ora... Read More »

What are some places that a 15/16 year old can work at?

Yeah I live in Georgia too. You can probably work in most of the stores in the Mall of Georgia once you turn 16.

What are good places to work at for a 16 year old?

A grocery store, fast food, ymca or a fitness center, racetrack, horse ranch, or a pet shop. : )

Specific places a 16 year old can work at?

Here are over 200 in your area.…