Where are opals found in Nevada?

Answer Virgin Valley, Nevada, is a famous gemstone locality where precious opals in numerous colors can be found. Exploration of deposits dates back from the early 1900s. The largest black opal in the Smi... Read More »

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Where can I dig for opals in Nevada?

There are several mines in Nevada where you can dig for opals. These include the Royal Peacock Opal Mines, the Bonanza Opal Mine and the Opal Queen Mining Company. The opal mines are all located in... Read More »

How to Find Black Opals in the Nevada BLM?

Visitors to Nevada's opal mines are in store for a real treat---maybe even a cash profit. Some of the most beautiful and highly coveted black opals in the world are found in Humboldt County, just s... Read More »

Where are black opals found?

Black opals were discovered in 1903 in the Lightning Ridge opal field in Australia. Black opals have bodies that are black or other dark colors, according to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natu... Read More »

Where are opals found in Australia?

Australia is the source of 90 percent of the world's opal gems. Light opals are concentrated in the northwestern region of New South Wales, while black opals are found primarily in Lightning Ridge.... Read More »