Where are mustard seeds harvested?

Answer They are harvested in parts of Canada.

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How are sesame seeds harvested?

Tiny sesame seeds grow on sesame plants. The seeds are used to make sesame oil and season and flavor many dishes.LocationMost sesame seeds harvested in the U.S. come from Texas, Louisiana, Californ... Read More »

How to Plant Fruit Trees From Harvested Seeds?

Planting fruit trees from harvested seeds is an enjoyable project that can be completed for little to no cost. While the harvesting and planting process of fruit seeds is simple, growing fruit that... Read More »

How Are Chia Seeds Harvested & Processed for Market?

Chia is an herb of the Salvia family, known for its healing properties. The plant is a native of the southwestern United States and is a part of the region's staple diet. The plant thrives in a ran... Read More »

How big are mustard seeds?

Mustard seeds range from light tan to dark brown in color, and most measure about one-eighth of an inch in diameter. Mustard seeds germinate in just a few days and grow quickly into a large, bushy ... Read More »