Can a business have employees that are located in MI and in SC all covered under the same group policy with the same low group rates for everyone?

Answer Answer It might be possible, you need to check with a professional Insurance Agent to help you. It depends on the number of employees and which ones are out of state. Try going to then scroll ... Read More »

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Are Amtrak employees government employees?

Amtrak workers are not government employees. Amtrak is a privately owned corporation with its own employees, although it receives heavy subsidies from the government. Congress votes on its funding ... Read More »

Are bank employees federal employees?

How many employees does the BBC have?

How much does UPS pay employees?

United Parcel Service (UPS) employees make a wide range of salaries depending on where they fall into the chain of delivering packages to their customers. Hourly employees make around $11.11 per ho... Read More »