Where are moonstones found?

Answer Moonstones are found in Sri Lanka, the European Alps, the U.S., India, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar and Madagascar. The classic pale blue moonstones originated in Sri Lanka but have become rarer and ... Read More »

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Where are most moonstones found?

The gemstone moonstone comes from the mineral group known as the feldspars. Although moonstones are found in Australia, Brazil, India and the United States, most moonstones come from Sri Lanki, whi... Read More »

Where do moonstones come from?

Moonstones generally come from two locations: Sri Lanka and India. Those from Sri Lanka are a pale blue and almost transparent. Those from the India vary in color among beige-brown, green, orange o... Read More »

How to Hunt for Moonstones?

Moonstone is the common name for oligoclase, a variety of feldspar. Feldspar, which is composed of sodium, calcium and potassium, is the most common mineral in the Earth's crust. Variations in the ... Read More »

How valuable are moonstones?

The value of a moonstone is determined by the quality and color of the stone. The value increases with its transparency. Medium-value moonstones will cost under $100, but a high-quality moonstone c... Read More »