Where are microtubules located in a cell?

Answer Microtubules are located throughout the cytoplasm, or the part of a cell outside the nucleus. Microtubules support the physical structure and shape of the cell and participate in movement, transpor... Read More »

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Do microtubules participate in cell division?

Yes, in prophase, the microtubules must disassemble themselves to help form the spindle fibers from the centrosomes. During cytokinesis, the microtubules reassemble themselves to form the cytoskele... Read More »

Where are chromosomes located in a cell?

The nucleus of animal and plant cells is home to the chromosomes. The DNA or genetic material is coiled into strands to form the chromosome's familiar X-shape. This compacted material may be five o... Read More »

Where are vesicles located in a cell?

Cells are small pockets containing salty fluid called cytoplasm. The fluid is enclosed by the cell membrane, and various molecules, including vesicles, are suspended in the cytoplasm. Vesicles are ... Read More »

Where is the SIM card located in a cell phone?

The SIM card, short for the Subscriber Identity Module, holds all user information and phone numbers inside a cell phone. It is located under the removable backing or in a slot in the phone's casin... Read More »