Where are ignis fridges originated?

Answer from the united kingdom

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Do all hotels have fridges?

Though many hotels now supply small fridges in their guest rooms, not every hotel provides this amenity. Small fridges in overseas hotel rooms are not as common as in hotels in the United States. Y... Read More »

Where does the water in fridges and freezers come from?

honestly, you'd be surprised just how much moisture there is in the air. I assume you are talking about ice build-up on the freezer walls, not the cubes you drink. The ambient air contains enough... Read More »

If money was no object, would you buy one of these fridges?

i totally agree, why would you want a tv/computer/music player on ur fridge??!?!!? crazy!

Why do fridges have lights, but freezers don't?

My freezers (I have more than one fridge) do not have lights. I assume it's because when you turn on the light, the bulb changes temperature wildly, and again when you turn it off. That's got to ... Read More »