Where are hydrogen bonds found in dna?

Answer Hydrogen bonds (or H-bonds) are responsible for the stability of two DNA strands. The H bonds connect complementary nucleotide base pairs. There are two hydrogen bonds that occur between the adeno... Read More »

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Are hydrogen bonds strong bonds?

Hydrogen bonds are strong bonds. They are stronger than dispersion forces and dipole forces. A hydrogen bond is formed between hydrogen and either nitrogen, oxygen, or fluorine. The hydrogen bondin... Read More »

Who discovered hydrogen bonds?

Hydrogen bonding (often referred to as the H-bond) was discovered in 1920 by Worth H. Rodebush and Wendell Latimer while they worked in a laboratory at the University of California in Berkeley. A h... Read More »

Are hydrogen bonds polar?

A polar molecule is a type of molecule that has a partial negative charge at one end of the molecule and a partial positive charge elsewhere. An example of a polar molecule is a water molecule. Hyd... Read More »

How do hydrogen bonds form?

Hydrogen bonds are formed by the attraction between opposite charged dipoles between polar molecules and play a significant role in the behavior of many compounds including water and DNA. Physical ... Read More »